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Latressa is a Certified Life Coach, Author, Educator, Poet, & Public Speaker. 

Her book, Finding Joy in Everyday Life, has won the 5 Star Readers Favorite Award.

Latressa has spoken at various events with a wide variety of age ranges. Her goal is to Encourage, Inform and Inspire.  She Loves God. She Loves God's people and strives to share this Love with the world.


Inspiring God's People for God's Purpose

A brilliant intelligent writer with many skills that have graced the pages of life.  Latressa pierces the soul of your mind, the intellect of your finite thoughts, and the holes of your spirit, with wisdom from God on facing everyday challenges through God's love.  Her book sits in the corner of my files as a constant reminder that God is in control.

Dr. Gretchen Jones Torbert, Radio Host, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Author,  

Latressa Crawford is a valuable asset to Sticky Notes and Sticky Situations. She is very knowledgeable of her content as she presents and not only knowledgeable but she brings zany humor as well! It is always a pleasure and honor to have Latressa part of any and all events.

Trinette CollierGreene, Certified Relationship Stylist, Radio Personality/Host, Author


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