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Originally from South Carolina, Latressa has spent half of her life in Charlotte, NC. While in Charlotte, her time was well spent serving in the community. Her involvement in the local and underserved community stems back to her younger years as she served alongside her mother, Dorinda Crawford, who was devoted to assisting those in need. In South Carolina, she has been featured on the local radio station (WLBG) expressing concerns and spreading awareness of community issues. These issues range from social awareness in the Black community and the plight of education. Also, Latressa was featured in the local newspaper (Laurens Advertiser) in SC for her planning and implementation of cultural awareness at the school where she taught. In addition, she and her class were chosen to be filmed on a segment of PBS for prototypical educational practices.


Latressa is presently continuing her educational practices as a servant leader with the underprivileged. She is ministry chair for ROH Reconnection Ministry, in which she collaborates with various agencies to service those in need. It is through this avenue that she goes into the streets and meets people where they are. She lends her services

to other outside agencies (homeless shelters, women and children facilities, etc…) meeting the needs of God’s people. Latressa has spoken and coordinated/taught Bible Studies at various churches in various states.


Latressa has made her mark as a noted writer. She has made writing contributions to various publications. She was a weekly contributor to STRUT! The Magazine and STRUT! The Magazine Online. In addition to that, her writings can be found in Trinette Collier's book "Sticky Notes" and Latressa is one of the coauthors of the book "STRUT: Another Collection of Words About Woman's Walk". “Finding Joy in Everyday Life” is her first published book which is intended to uplift and awaken the subconscious into finding the joy and the lesson/development in every situation that God chooses one to encounter.


A few of her acknowledgements include:

* 2014- STRUT Award, held in Atlanta.

* Teacher leader in the Dekalb County public system

* Christian Education Certification classes

* Recognition by the Georgia Department of Education for her exemplary examples of teaching state standards


Latressa A. Crawford……God’s Chosen, a mother, friend, creative out of the box thinker, activist, encourager, public speaker, poet, author and more.

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